Lossiemouth, Scotland
Lossiemouth,  Morayshire,  Scotland


Welcome to Stuff Scott Likes. People tell me I have to much stuff, is that possible? Anyway, I have been on this earth a few years now and collected some interesting stuff and not so interesting stuff! 
I enjoy photography, all the images are mine from way back to more recent iphone work, which is just for fun.
St Mary's Loch, Scotland
Bolton Abbey, North Yorkshire
Hatch Beauchamp, Somerset
Hatch  Beauchamp, Somerset
Bolton Abbey,
North Yorkshire
St Mary's Loch,  Scottish Borders,  Scotland
Gunslingers Virgil Ross
Manchestwr City 1971
Cara Dillon
1971  Manchester City  by Fish
Cara  Dillon
Gunslingers,  Virgil Ross

Just a bloke who likes stuff

Hope you enjoy too